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Critical Thinking

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A Level Critical thinking

Students typically, but not necessarily, take Critical Thinking in addition to their standard A Level programme. It is taught in half a timetable block.

Critical Thinking enables you to make reasoned decisions that are based on logic, rather than assumptions and prejudice. It equips you with reasoning skills to use in life, work and further academic study.

What does the course involve?

You will learn how to reason well and to write in a coherent and logical way.
You will analyse and evaluate documents and disputes, learning how to judge which information is reliable and which side to believe.

In the exams you will be judged on your ability to assess how effective the reasoning in the documents is, how the argument is structured, what assumptions the author may have made and how credible its sources are. Your own arguments are judged by the structure and clarity of your writing.

Some of the core content in the first year is delivered via a computer assisted programme and students work at their own pace.

In the second year the focus is more on essay writing and solving moral dilemas.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

You can stop Critical Thinking at the end of Year One and cash in your AS, or you can continue into Year Two to achieve the full A Level qualification.

Critical Thinking complements all other subjects and has made me a broader thinking person.

Taylor Whitchurch, student

Taylor Whitchurch talks about Critical Thinking

What can you do after the course?

Critical Thinking is useful for students taking most academic subjects and the skills taught are highly valued by universities.
It is particularly useful for students taking the LNAT test for admission to law courses and the BMAT test for medics as those assess your critical thinking ability.
It is an asset for all competitive entry courses and careers including the police and the army.

Isabelle and Sam talk Critical Thinking

I can confirm that I have been accepted by Oxford, and it was CT that saved me!

Sam Johnson - 13th August 2015

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