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Government & Politics

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A Level Government & Politics

Whether we like it or not, politics has an effect on all of us. The taxes we pay, the schools and colleges we attend, the NHS, the holding of the Olympics in London in 2012, the decision to have a nuclear deterrent are all the result of political decisions. The study of politics will help you to better understand the processes by which these decisions are made and hopefully make you realise that you matter and can change things.

A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Barack Obama.

What does the course involve?

Politics is the study of how we are governed. You will study how we elect MPs and form governments, the role of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, how Parliament works, the role and philosophy of the main political parties and the role of judges in civil liberties.

Politics deals with the argument and debate surrounding current issues such as:

  • How do the policies of the main parties differ over taxation and spending?
  • How should the government respond to the threat of terrorism?
  • Is the Prime Minister too powerful or too weak?
  • Should government be able to intercept our emails?

In the second year you will study American politics, again looking at contemporary issues such as the debate over gun control. This involves examining how Congress works and the power of the National Rifle Association.

Government & Politics

Government & Politics

What can you do after the course?

Politics is highly regarded by employers and universities.

Students have gone on to a wide variety of careers including journalism, law, the armed forces, the police, business and media.

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