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GCSE Latin

You will develop a good level of competence in understanding Latin and a deeper knowledge of the culture and civilisation of Ancient Rome.

Latin encourages you to communicate clearly and effectively and to appreciate Latin literature in its cultural context.

What does the course involve?

Latin develops a sensitive and analytical approach to language generally, including an awareness of the relationship between Latin and modern languages.

Topics studied include:

  • Daily Life in Roman Society.
  • Roman Army.
  • Women in Roman Society.
  • Roman Britain.
  • Roman Religion.

You will be expected to go over the material covered in class every day so that you gradually build up your knowledge of the language and vocabulary.

What can you do after the course?

GCSE Latin is particularly useful for those wanting to go on to study Archaeology, Ancient or Medieval History, Languages, Law or Theology.

Learning Latin improves your communication and analytical skills which can be useful for many careers.

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