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A Level Geology

Geology is the “scientific study of the solid Earth, its rocks and processes”. It is a very varied subject which deals with the four billion years of our planet’s history. It involves the study of the most fascinating and remarkable landscapes on earth.

Geology fieldtrip

Geology fieldtrip

What does the course involve?

AS course

Global Tectonics
This involves the origin of the Earth and the solar system, space exploration, meteorites and earthquakes. It also includes the theory of plate tectonics. Finally you study the folds, faults and rock structures produced when rocks are deformed.

The Rock Cycle
This involves studying igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. You study minerals and their identification. Also you will study volcanic eruptions, how sedimentary rocks form in deserts, rivers, glacial environments and how intense heat and pressure alters rocks by metamorphism.

A2 course

Evolution of Earth, Life and Climate
In this module you will study how life originated and evolved. You will understand how fossils are preserved and how mass extinctions are caused. You will study dinosaurs, trilobites and ammonites. Lastly you will learn about climate and sea level change over geological time.

Economic Geology
This studies the practical applications of Geology, including

  • How Geology affects water resources and supply.
  • Energy resources including oil exploration, coal mining and geothermal power.
  • Metal mineral resources, including formation of ores, prospecting and mining.
  • Engineering Geology including dams, sea defences and storage of nuclear waste.
Geology fieldtrip

Geology fieldtrip


Geology is a field science and you will learn to work in remote environments. You will visit fascinating, beautiful locations to further your knowledge.

  • For AS students there is a trip to Arran in Scotland.
  • For A2 students there are trips to Iceland, Morocco or the Himalayas.
Geology fieldtrip

Geology fieldtrip

What can you do after the course?

Geology is detective work and you will develop many investigative, observational and interpretational skills highly valued be employers and universities.
Earth scientists are in enormous demand worldwide and command excellent salaries. Geology has provided an important first step towards a well paid, rewarding, globe-trotting career for many of our past students. It could do the same for you!

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